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Certification FAQs

As the term itself indicates, a Business Analyst is someone who analyses the business. Well analyzing the business in layman terms mean understanding from the Client/Business people/Stakeholders what their requirement(this can be done through Surveys/Interviews/Document analysis etc) are and then passing these requirements to the technical team in a way that they understand the functionality/requirements.

Absolutely. There is no hard and fast rule that only people from IT Background or science background can only be BA. We have seen multiple non technical people: people who were in finance industry/healthcare or any such industry transitioning into BA roles. If you have any idea of certain domains like: Healthcare/Insurance/Banking/Ecommerce that is a great help but if no technical background and not much domain Idea then we would suggest you to take some coaching classes and brush up your skills. This way you can be a Business Analyst/Junior Business Analyst in companies who are not extremely keen on domain( believe us there are quite some of them)

After a certain years as Business Analyst you will grow and can be a Product Owner/Product Director as well If your Domain knowledge and communication is quite good or you can venture into Scrum Master role as well, nowadays many BA’s are turning to Scrum Master roles as they are interested in Agile/Scrum Implementation.

A Scrum Master is a professional who is accountable for getting Scrum Implemented in your Team/Organization. They are enthusiastic and supportive servant leaders who guide you when you face any challenges in delivering your work and protects the team from unwanted distractions.

Well having a Scrum Master Certification is sort of first step towards being eligible for a SM job in many companies so obviously certification is important. But does being certified means you have the practical knowledge? Maybe yes or maybe If you want professional guidance where you learn the important day to day activities of a SM Whether that is conducting interesting retros(There are quite some retrospective templates/tools which makes them so interest), capacity planning, different metrics and so much more, specially how to deal with stakeholders day in and out then Our Course can be one of the best for you. We have professional trainers who are professional Scrum Masters in Fortune 200 and several mid-sized firm. Plus the training cost is quite reasonable considering the overall value you get.

Absolutely Yes. We have designed our courses in the way that you get the maximum practical knowledge plus some required theoretical knowledge from them so they are quite similar to what is expected out of a BA/SM in a day-to day life.

Yes, we have tie ups with several companies and some of our previous taught students are working with quite some big firms like Marico/Accenture etc so we have reference for big companies whereas tie-ups with some small/mid-level firms. Whenever you are ready after the training just drop us your resume and we will try to get some interviews scheduled for you although that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try on your own to find a job, we are a helping hand to guide you, most part is in your hands but we will support you whenever required